Lunch staff “subs” new system for old one

Emma Jo Hirschy, Editor-in-chief

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Numerous changes are being seen implemented throughout the De Pere High School campus. One of the biggest changes will be arriving on Dec. 4: a new lunch system.

Assistant lunch director Stephanie Sticka told the Crimson Aviator that DPHS trying something new in the lunchroom due to a low percentage of student participation in lunch.

“A lot of districts neighboring us in the Green Bay area have moved to a scrambled, or freeflow style, as well,” said Sticka. “Those schools have students who are more excited about lunch and participating in getting a hot lunch. We want to create some excitement and get additional choices for our students. This system is working for others, so we decided to try it.”

In these new changes, students will notice a total of four stations and that there will no longer be two main lines feeding into the galley area.


1.. Being the newest station, the “Rapid Redbird” will offer a weekly rotation of students’ favorite options.

Mondays will consist of a hot dog or corn dogs. Tuesdays and Thursdays will offer a chicken choice. Wednesdays will have numerous options of various pizzas. Lastly, Fridays will provide the choice of a hamburger or a veggie burger.


2.. The second new station will be a “build your own sub” station.

According to Sticka, the subs offered will already contain the meat on the bun, turkey or ham. Sticka also emphasized that the bread will be made “in house”, or here in the DPHS kitchen.

Off to the side of the subs will contain a variety of different vegetables and other toppings that would regularly go on a sub. “Basically you are your own Subway,” said Sticka.

Another noticeable portion to this station will be the factor that students will be able to have a bowl of soup included in their meal. Soups will vary daily and be based off of the cook’s choosing.  


3. Being more familiar to students, the Redbird Cookery will offer more of the hardy favorites.

Following the traditional menu, the Redbird Cookery will offer known meals such as brunch for lunch, walking tacos, and even pasta.


4. Lastly, the new lunch system will still offer the chance to purchase a grab-and-go meal. The cart will consist of items such as pre-made sandwiches, salads, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“Make sure to look up and pay attention to the signs because they will help direct you where to go,” said Sticka in recommendation for students purchasing a hot lunch Monday.

Not only will the signs help guide students where to go, but Sticka will be helping direct the flow of traffic in the main galley area.

“We are hoping that students will come in and just try it, even if they’re not used to it.”


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Lunch staff “subs” new system for old one