Newest I/E session will focus on exam preparation

Jared Ramirez, Staff writer

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Most students already know that there significant changes are being made to I/E scheduling and classes for the first few weeks of January.

As many students have already done, they are required to sign up for an I/E time with one of their teachers on a separate site. It is in every aspect different from the normal process where students sign up for an extraneous recreational course through Google Forms.

This probably has to do with the fact that everything actually is different, at least for the three I/E days in January in which this program will be running.

Many of us students were left with questions, comments, and concerns after the news of these new changes was dropped on us via email. Mr. Allen, one of our assistant principals, who seems to be spearheading this whole project, was able to give some clarity on the subject and explain the reasoning for which this program is being enacted.

Q: What exactly are we signing up for on January 2?

A: “You’re going to be signing up for a review session with one of the teachers that you have on your schedule. The idea was brought up in the I/E committee. We were trying to improve the process that we have and we wanted something that would be valuable to students. So, on the 4th, 9th, or 11th (you can choose a different teacher each day if you want), you will be getting extra time to go through review for the upcoming final exams and do catch up work on whatever they need.”

Q: What made you decide to make this change? What’s the reasoning behind this?

A: “The I/E improvement committee, formed last year, surveyed students and staff and nobody seemed to be totally happy with the system we have now. So, with this specific I/E review session, we wanted to try something different. We looked at a number of different schools throughout the state to see what they do and what they offer kids. A flexible, daily review session is something that a lot of other schools offered. We thought that we’d try it out and see how students and staff like it, and we’ll go from there.”

Q: Do you know if we’re doing this again in the second semester?

A: “The plan right now is yes, but we’re going to see how it goes. If feedback from students and staff is negative, we will not, but if the feedback is positive, absolutely.”

Q: How do you think students will respond to this, and have you received any feedback already?

A: “I talked to a few students that did a trial run with the sign-up form for me. Students, at least the ones that I talked to, thought it was pretty positive and easy to use. The staff that I talked to about about setting up the sign-ups and meeting with different students each I/E class day liked the idea. They liked the idea of having more flexibility to meet with students. So, I hope it’s positive. I’m sure there’s going to be some frustrations because it’s new, but overall I hope it’s positive.”

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Newest I/E session will focus on exam preparation