DPHS rates, evaluates new Star Wars movie

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De Pere High School students rate Star Wars (rating: # of votes):

(124 total votes)

1: 14

2: 1

3: 2

4: 4

5: 3

6:  4

7: 21

8: 29

9: 22

10: 24

Average: 7.21

A sampling of contents:

** “WHERE DID SNOKE COME FROM!? WHO KNOWS!? NOW HE’S DEAD. SOMEBODY THAT POWERFUL WITH ALL THOSE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH THE FORCE AND HE DIES FROM SOME HORMONAL DRAMA QUEEN BECAUSE HE HAD HIS EYES CLOSED! Sorry for all caps, just a little upset. … So many things wrong with this movie. Had to go back and watch episode 3 (my favorite and the best episode) to get my mind off of how awful this film was. I would continue, but I have finals to study for.”

** “They’re just making a bigger Death Star, and now that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher aren’t in it, Disney should just stop before they screw it up like they do with everything else.”

** “The movie is the definition of a bad good movie, or a movie that’s normally pretty good but is severely hampered by the bad aspects of it.”

** “This cinematic journey tied very well with the other movies and provided a rollercoaster of emotions. With Han being taken away from us so soon, the movie still had moments of great laughter. Leia gave us all tears of joy and sadness being an iconic character.”

** “It was very good, I am a huge star wars fan, and I just hope they still make more movies like they always do!”

** “Came off as a comedy/spin off which isn’t like the other Star Wars, unneeded love relationships and just random extra stuff that wasn’t needed and came off as a Austin Powers.”

** “The movie was great, full of surprises but the one thing that I did not like is how they brought a bunch of new jedi tricks that have never been seen before.”

** “The movie may not be what fans had expected the first time they saw the new film. However, once you go back and re-watch the film you can appreciate the film more, and while there are indeed some things that could be better with it, the film as a whole is great along with the story, the way it was filmed, and with probably the most epic and quietest scene I’ve seen in a movie.”

“The movie was extremely artistic, with beautiful sets, imagery, and storylines. The director took this episode of the long lasting saga into a new direction.”

“It’s a very complex movie, that takes a while to sink in. Overall it’s a great movie departing from themes that the franchise has been trapped in.”


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DPHS rates, evaluates new Star Wars movie