“No phone” edict creating issues with freshman resource

Jolie Guyette, Guest writer

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I’ve got a lot of problems with the new changes to Freshman Resource, and I feel the need to air my grievances.

To begin, I would like to describe the atmosphere of Freshman Resource during Semester 1. The classes held 20-or-so kids, and we were usually allowed to sit wherever we liked. Additionally, kids were able to use their cell phones and listen to music while they worked or just wasted their time. As one can imagine, the classroom was not the best environment for those who actually wanted to study (probably less than 10 percent); furthermore, five kids were allowed to go to the library.

I was one of those five kids. As someone who wanted to complete my homework, I liked having a whole table to myself to spread out all of my materials. I had computers at my disposal, and the LMC was a quiet and peaceful place.

When Semester 2 rolled around, I was placed in a classroom of over 30 kids, and we all had to sit in assigned seats. Moreover, people were not allowed to talk, and phones were collected at the beginning of the class. I realize that the purpose of this was so that kids would be forced to complete schoolwork instead of being on their phone or socializing.

In a perfect world, this would be a great solution. However, when you take away the device of phone-addicted students, they don’t turn studious. Instead, many would opt to stare at a wall or doodle mindlessly if they can’t have their precious, electronic “babies”, as some call them.

Or they go to the library. Although the class size has increased in second semester, the number of kids allowed to go to the library remained the same. And in the library, phones are not taken away, and kids can get away with talking when they go in the corner to “work on a group project.” Students who can’t resist the urge to jabber have found a loophole in the school’s new Freshman Resource rules: if they go to the library, they can talk, use their phone, or both.

This strategy creates a problem because sometimes the kids who want to use the time for studying are denied. In my classroom, we have to draw numbered slips of paper from a jar, and those who get numbers 1-5 can go to the library, and those who don’t have to stay in the classroom. If people who just want to use their phones draw numbers 1-5, the kids who want to study end up stuck in a distracting classroom with way too many kids.

My solution is to have phones and quiet talking allowed back in Freshman Resource. This way, kids won’t have to sneak around in the library to use their phones or talk to their friends, and the kids who want to use the library for studying can fill those five spots. Being on a phone will actually keep many people quiet.

I hope that administration reads this article and realizes that the new changes to Freshman Resource need to be modified. Phones and whispering should be allowed in every study hall. This way, the five spots in the library can be filled with kids who actually want to study and get work done.

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“No phone” edict creating issues with freshman resource