Walkout isn’t the best way to help us heal

Greg Bintz, Political analyst

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On March 14th, students all over America participated in a walkout. It marks the first of two walkouts that take place this school year. The other walkout, which takes place on April 20th, will commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, which was the first school shooting in U.S. history.

Now, I understand why people want to walkout. It’s to put their first amendment (the freedom of speech) to use and protest the fact that gun control laws need to be stricter and tighter so people can’t easily access the weapon(s) of choice. Stricter gun control laws could help a little bit, but will NOT do much in the long run.

Criminals will eventually get their weapon(s) of choice. They WILL find a way to get it, no matter how they do it. That’s exactly why they’re a criminal.

Besides, what are stricter gun control laws going to do if law enforcement don’t do their job correctly? For example, in the Parkland, Florida shooting, the FBI missed the fact that cops were called to the killers house 39 (!!!) times, he was seen on camera doing target practice, and had his name attached to a comment left on a YouTube video that said “I’m going to be a professional school shooter”.

Another problem with a walkout is that it will appear more divisive than uniting. Some students will be in class, while others will be outside in protest. Furthermore, why are people doing these “National School Walkouts” at this point in time?

Shouldn’t we, as a nation, have done something about this after 20 first graders were killed SIX years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary? Better yet, why didn’t the people and government of the United States take action right after Columbine? Isn’t once enough? Isn’t being united what the U.S. needs more of? If people want answers to this kind of problem, those questions are just the beginning.

If people truly want their voices heard, then talk to the people in school and at work who may seem ‘weird’, or out of the ordinary, or even someone just looking for a friend and wanting to feel like they belong in life. They could even be looking for someone like you, reader. One person can make a difference in someone else’s life.

You’ve already read this far, right? Well, because I’m a musical kind of person, and music can bring a powerful message, take a few more minutes and listen to this song. Think about it. All of the lyrics are 100 percent true to today’s society. In fact, the first verse of the song hits exactly on what this article and the protesters are talking about.

Instead of missing class and protesting, be proactive IN the school and workplace, not OUT of it. Just like a person’s heart, it’s what is going on inside that matters the most, not outside.


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Walkout isn’t the best way to help us heal