Student survey comments: National Walkout Day

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In a Crimson Aviator survey about National Walkout Day, 190 students responded, many with comments. Fifty-four percent did not walkout, while 46 percent did. The following is a sampling of the comments:

** “I believe that the point of a walkout is to protest. After we asked for permission, that part of it was lost and I felt there wasn’t much of a point anymore.”

** “I walked out because I believe a change needs to be made. Something needs to be done. …  I am tired of shootings being a regular thing on the news. I need change. I demand change. Enough is enough.”

** “I did not participate in protest of the administration. I support the walkout and the reason behind it, but not the administration supporting it but not other issues.”

**  “They said it was not gonna be political but there were major political vibes from it and not the ones I really agree with.”

** “I wanted to show my respect for the people who have fallen. I didn’t go for the gun control part.”

** “I want guns laws to change so I can feel safer at school.”

** “It was a waste of time to sit outside in the cold. I don’t care if 17 kids died. I still have an education to focus on.”

** “I never want to see any more innocent students die again because of lax gun laws and a very flawed mental health system.”

** “Don’t think it will help anything. Also, I think that the principals involvement and meetings with the students planning it kind of ruined the whole point of it being a student walk-out.”

** “It was my good friend’s school that got affected, and it hit hard. We NEED to take action for things to change.”

** “It is not going to change anything. It is not going to bring them back. Yes it is horrible, but no one is going to listen to this high school.”

** “I wanted to exercise my rights and my opinions. I think it was well executed and very well done overall.”

** “I respectfully disagree with the political foundations that the walkout appeared to stand by; however, I greatly respect those who walked out. It is vital that young adults feel that they have the ability to stand up for what they believe in despite what other adults may think.”

** “Walking outside and standing there for 17 minutes isn’t going to make a change. If people want change then actually do something instead of literally nothing.”

** “To honor the victims of the shooting last month and for the right to be and feel safe due to an issue that many people refuse to address for one reason or another.”

** “I feel that it is so important for people to be educated in what is actually going on. For many, it is not that we are “against guns”. My family actually owns guns. I walked out because I wanted to pray for the lives lost, and I believe that something does need to be done, change does need to happen, because what we currently are doing is obviously not helping.”

“I don’t want to deal with political garbage that I don’t agree with.”

** “It became a political statement and agenda being unwillfully forced upon students. To say this was a memorial was ignorant.”

** “Seventeen people died and many more from school shootings. The least I can do is respect them and their families and help bring attention to a growing problem.”

** “It’s exploitation. Using the death of the kids as a platform for gun control. No one ever specified what it was for, a memorium or a political rally.”

** “Americans need to take action, and remove the weak and old generation that refuses to change.”

** “90% of people who walked out did it to ditch class. Most people were walking out for the wrong reason. Besides, I had a lot of notes to take in class today. Life goes on with or without those people.”


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Student survey comments: National Walkout Day