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Welcome back from the newspaper staff

Mr. Guyette, Newspaper adviser

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On behalf of the newspaper staff, I welcome all 1300-plus of our students — including a huge freshman class of 365 — to the 2018-19 school year. Here’s a little advice, newspaper-style.

*Listen more than you speak: The key to a good interview is listening to what the subject has to say and not hogging the conversation by making the questions too long. Listening is the best way to learn. Put your phones away and listen to others. 

*Be honest. My reporters know that they cannot print false information or quotes, or else they will face libel charges. If you screw up, let the teacher know, vow to fix it, and promise to be better next time. We teachers are very understanding, for the most part. 

*Keep an open mind. The best reporters are always interested in other people and their stories. They don’t think or act as if they know it all already. You never know when an idea, or someone with a sensational suggestion, might appear. Be willing to see two or more sides to an issue. 

*Find a good editor. You need one not just for schoolwork, but for life in general. Everyone needs someone who will be honest with them, especially when the message is something you don’t want to hear. Surrounding ourselves with “yes”-people prevents growth. 

Here at the newspaper staff, we will be all-digital for the second year in a row. We encourage you to follow our coverage.

Even if you are not on staff, you can contribute. If you would like to write or take photos for us, please contact me in Room H108. The school newspaper is the voice of the student body, and I want to encourage all students to express themselves.

Have a great year. We’ll be there to chronicle it.


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Welcome back from the newspaper staff