LMC turns a page with new look


Hannah Sandberg, Staff writer

Every school year is greeted by new things: new teachers, new faces, new information to cram.

This year, De Pere has found another new component to introduce — the library’s look.

Over the summer, the library received new seating areas and workspaces which completely altered the library’s look.

Jill Pearson, the library director, stated she was attempting to modernize the space.

“The reason for the renovation was to try to bring it into this century,” she said.  

With the new collaboration areas and large TVs, the library has a fresh look.

“I hope that students have gained a spot where they feel comfortable, coming for a variety of reasons,” Ms. Pearson said. “In the old days, your real studious kids who like to read would hit the library. I think now I see a much larger cross-section of students who come here, some just to really meet up, to work with someone. I hope they’ve gained a spot where they feel that it’s here for them.”

Ms. Pearson said that she appreciated much support from the administration and receiving “a good chunk of change” from the Parent Club.

Most students interviewed feel that the library is more welcoming and a better environment to work.

“I think the library is very nice, a lot more comfortable and the open space feels nicer,” reports senior Faith Oswald.  

Many other students also reported the library being more inviting, mostly due to the new seating.

Senior Sam Moran said, “The booths are more comfortable than the tables.”

However, junior Daniel Kimps said that though he likes the relaxed atmosphere, “I wish they would have kept the computers.”