If I won the lottery this week …

Aviator staff

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With Powerball and Mega Millions drawing this weekend totaling more than $800 million, the Crimson Aviator staff considered what they would do if they won.

** I would do a few things. First I would pay off my car and get it checked and all the parts updated. Then I would put a lot of it into stocks and bonds so I could turn it into more money. Next I would give my dad money to pay off our house mortgage. Furthermore, I would help get my mom a house so she could live in a house too. Then I would build a pool in my backyard. Lastly, I would buy my dad a new car. The reason being he is always taking care of me and my brother. — Alex Bruening 

** The first thing I would do is go on a shopping trip for clothes and buy everything I wanted. Then I would buy a first-class plane ticket and go to Paris because I have always wanted to go there. When I got there, I would buy a place so I could visit it a lot more. After that I would love to travel the world and take adventures. Lastly I would donate some to animals and to random charities that need help. — Sydney Zimmerman

** I would put most of it into stocks and bonds from different companies. Then, the rest I would give to my family to pay off their bills. With the money into the stocks, I would put it into companies I would trust to raise and to get the most out of the money I put in. If there was some left over, I would open a savings account and put the rest in there for the future. I wouldn’t go on a spending spree like most girls do when they get rich, or just spend it all at one place. — Jerry Eicher 

** I would put some of it towards college so I can get through and learn. I would give some to my parents as like a, “You had to deal with me, here ya go. Don’t spend it all in one place” sorta deal. I would save some for a house. Then I’d donate a good portion to The Trevor Project. Maybe I would give some to my family, and I’d give some to fly my parents back out to Utah to see everyone again. I could redecorate my room so it doesn’t look like a six-year old decorated it. Finally, I would fly my cousins Lexi and Bret out here so I can see my best friends again.  — Brianna Hone  

** I would first pay for college. Then I would buy a new car for myself and then another one for my brother so he has something to take his driver’s test in. I would also start looking for an apartment far far away (I’m thinking California) and get my cosigner all in place because I want to move out as soon as possible. I would also take my cat to the vet and pay for all of her shots and get her claws removed and get her nurtured. I would also quit my job and look for a better one. The money I have left would get me through until I get a new job. — Abby Lamine 

** The first action I would take would be investing the majority of the money in reliable stocks that I could profit on for the rest of my life and pass down for generations. I would still leave out a couple million dollars to have my current house demolished and a new house custom built with an indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof, the biggest TV money can buy, lots of open spaces to party in,  along with new car and boat to go with, of course. I would use the rest of the money to buy expensive food and see the world so I could truly live my life to the fullest. — Quinn Dekker

** If I had that much money I would probably buy a bunch of stupid stuff and impulse purchase much more than I do now. I would also donate $100,000 to causes I believe help people such as the Prevent Child Abuse in America and the American Red Cross. I would also give some money to my family and make sure they are doing well financially. Then I would go to a nice collage and get a degree. After I did all that, I would buy a house on Lake Geneva or really any lake and live well for the rest of my days, going on many trips around the world. — Julia Broadrick 

** I wouldn’t want to use much of it. I’ve never been interested in the luxury lifestyle and would much prefer to continue living the way that I do. However, I would use it to help my college funds. Besides that, I’d give a lot of it to my family because my parents are still raising my siblings. I also would donate to people in need. There’s no point of having all that money while others are barely get by. I think I’d also want to donate it to different medical researchers, because it could help cure diseases. — Hannah Sandberg 

** I would probably save most of it for college. I’d also use some of it for travel. I would love to go to France and see Versaille and all of the typical tourist spots, and if I won the lottery I would absolutely go. Along with France, I really want to go to the Netherlands too see the endless fields of tulips. But other than visiting some of the most beautiful places, the rest of my winnings would sit in the bank until student loans were paid off, rather than it burning a hole in my pocket. — Ivy Hamblen 

** I would put a good amount into my college fund, so I wouldn’t have to take cost into consideration when choosing a school. Next, I’d buy a car, because what good is a driver’s license without something to drive? I’m not looking for anything fancy, just something to get me from point A to point B. Finally, I’d take my parents on a vacation to all of my favorite places, as well as all the places we’ve always wanted to go. We’d start in New York, then catch a flight to Dublin. Next, we’d head to London, and then Paris. From there, we would journey around Italy and Greece. We would end our adventure in Northern California. With the money left over, I would donate to some of my favorite causes, such as the Sierra Club. — Violet Smale 

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If I won the lottery this week …