Where there’s a Will, there’s a way


Quinn Dekker, Staff writer

You may know him from Jam Session or cross country.

He may have started an argument with you over politics, current events or even NASCAR.

Maybe you just recognize his luscious golden afro.

Either way, chances are junior Will Soquet has made an impact on your De Pere High School experience.

When asked if he considered himself as someone who frequently goes against the status quo, Will answered with a resounding yes. As a very politically active student at DPHS, he has proven himself to be no stranger to difficult topics.

“I have definitely met a lot of people who disagree with my political opinions, and have brought different political ideas to the table and I think that’s OK,” he said.

Despite this, Will believes he has caused more debate than hate.

“I haven’t had many people yelling at me that I’m wrong because I’m this belief,’’ he said.

Will’s opinionated personality is not limited to politics. It expands to all of his interests, including the sport of NASCAR. He has a passion for the sport, and he is even a writer for NASCAR website lastcar.info.

He has on numerous occasions tried to convince his peers that it is more than “a bunch of guys turning left in a circle for 3 hours”.

“People have never sat down to watch a NASCAR race and see what it’s all about,” he said. “Sometimes the finish of a foot or two is what I live for. Such an exciting finish is one of the greatest times.”

The Jam Session program is one of if not Will’s greatest passion at DPHS. The Jam Session has faced more than its fair share of drama through rumors and drama-dedicated Twitter accounts, but surprisingly this is a highly debated topic that Will does not like to be involved in.

Regarding the personal drama within Jam Session he states, “In terms of breakups or cliques or anything like that, I just try and stay out if it all because all of that just hurts the friendships within the group.”

He cares more about the strong connections the whole team has shared with each other.

“We spend so much time together, and we do so much together that we just have this bond that you can never break,” he said.  

Although his personality is vibrant, to say the least, the one thing everybody most commonly associates with Will Soquet is, of course, the hair.

Will sports a blonde, full-sized afro with the recent addition of a pick.

“People may not know my name,” he said.  “People may not necessarily know who I am or what I do, but they know I’m the kid with the blonde curly hair. I don’t want to let it define me, but it is a part of who I am.”

This, along with his willingness to bring new ideas to controversial situations, shows how Will is not frightened to combat the status quo, which is something all DPHS students can be encouraged by.