Mrs. Bielinski is psyched about DPHS


Hannah Sandberg, Staff writer

Joy Bielinski is a former cheese seller.

Today, Bielinski is a pretty gouda educator at De Pere High School, and she’s nacho average psychology teacher.

With a double major in psychology and sociology and a minor in public administration, Bielinski dominated the business world before she ever became a teacher.  She worked sales for a cheese company and later and furniture company.

After years of this, she knew business wasn’t for her. She dropped everything and went back to school to earn her teaching certificate.

What led Bielinski down this path? Well, she has always had an interest in humanity. She had lots of career interests in high school such as law, human resource management and teaching. However, her guidance counselor told her that “teachers are a dime a dozen.”

This led her away from becoming an educator.

Bielinski attended college at UW-Oshkosh with no intentions of becoming a teacher. It was there that she discovered her passion for psychology, social science, and political science. However, after graduation she dived into the business world.

“Very soon within my first year I knew that that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” she said.

That is when she decided to change careers and go back to school for a teaching certificate.

Bielinski started off teaching middle school social studies for five years, then later became a high school history teacher at DPHS. Slowly, she began to pick up psychology courses until it became the main course she taught.

Since then psychology has become Bielinski’s main passion, but she’s also  passionate for her students as well. She isn’t afraid to be “an open book” for students and will do anything to help them understand and learn concepts.

“DPHS is my second family,” she said.

She wants to make sure students understand that psychology is more than just talking about feelings. It’s exploring the human mind and discovering what makes people do what they do. She wants students to take away that people are incredibly important.

“I would say almost every aspect of a person’s life has to deal with relationships and people. Describing a person’s behavior is important, but it’s much more valuable when we can label why people behave the way they do,” she said. “Psych is beneficial because in most professions because you will work with people. You will have relationships. It is good to have a background on how people behave and why they behave.”

In short, Mrs. Bielinski is human like any one of us. She has spent her life following her passion for spending time with, and caring for people. But even sometimes Mrs. Bielinski likes to get away from it all. In her free time she enjoys renovating furniture, playing volleyball and reading.

“It takes me into my happy place and I can forget everything else,” she said.