De Pere community rallies support for Taylor


Ivy Hamblen and Violet Smale

Taylor Collard, a De Pere High School junior, is currently battling leukemia and not in school. As the treatment she will undergo is very expensive, the DPHS community is striving to raise money and support the Collard family as much as possible.

“I can’t even imagine being in the hospital for that amount of time, and the amount of money that costs,” said Mr. Mohar, the French Club adviser and leader of many of the fundraising activities. “Let alone, being away from her friends…so, if we can offset any of that, we’re gonna do it.”

Recent fundraising efforts that have arisen throughout the DPHS community include student efforts at the Redbird Rally, the Powerpuff game, and whisperings of a head-shaving event at the annual Holiday Assembly in December.

Most notable, however, are the attempts of Mr. Mohar and the French Club.

One highly successful fundraiser was created by senior Ellie Roth. She thought of the money bucket that was passed through the stands at the Redbird Rally football game. The final count of the money bucket totalled $1,700.

“The goal was to raise some money, and they blew it out of the park,” Mohar.

One hundred percent of the funds raised at the Redbird Rally went to Taylor. According to Mr. Mohar, several more fundraising opportunities are underway.

Mohar also mentioned a candy bar sale, organized by the French Club. The candy bars are being sold for a dollar, for a 50 percent profit. All the profits from the sale goes to the Collard family.

Additionally, an estimated 30 teachers — each one trying to raise money — have signed up to shave their heads to show their support for Taylor. During the Nest/Flex time on Dec. 14, students who want to watch the headshaving will be charged $2. The goal for this fundraiser is around $250 per teacher.

“That’s our ambitious goal,” said Mr. Mohar.

French Club will also be facilitating an online garage sale. The idea is to sell used items that are in good condition for a bottom line price of $2. The goal is to have people either buy the item outright for $2 or they can offer more.

“We’re always looking for more ideas,” Mohar said.

More support for Taylor and her family was rallied at the annual Powerpuff games on Oct. 7 and 14. The proceeds of the games amounted to about $950.

As French club is responsible for organizing the majority of the impressive fundraisers, the question may be raised: what personally inspires this amazing ambition to help?

“I think the fact that our school has helped with (former teacher) Mrs. Melgar proves that there’s hope,” said French Club officer Diana Jusino. “Everyone has a connection to cancer somehow, and we all just want to help.”