What do to if your phone gets hacked

Jerry Eicher, Staff writer

Hacking is getting more popular in today’s world because everyone does everything online, and all of the information can be accessed if people know how to get it.

Hacking the internet is hard to do, but once it’s learned hacking can be used to blackmail or even change just about everything. As a person who was hacked, it’s hard to come back from since all the passwords have to be changed, and the information has to be deleted.

According to De Pere School District IT Tech Kevin Schmidt, “Understanding hacking and knowing how it works can help prevent anything from getting hacked. Make sure there is an algorithm for passwords that forces the password to be changed every few weeks or up to a month.”  

People who have been hacked will tell others, and it might be for ransom that they have to pay to unlock the phone or device. Ransoms are becoming more popular as well; what they are is when people hack and hold personal information hostage until they are paid then the information won’t be released to the public. Recent FBI reports indicate that about 4,000 ransom hacks occur every day.

Furthermore, information can hold all your financial and personal information, meaning anyone’s life is basically over if hacked. Being hacked is something that is near impossible to comeback from. Schmidt said, “To prevent a hack from occurring, pull the plugs and shut everything off, but it is not wise to do since information can be lost.”

If someone does get hacked then that person has to contact the police department, or in my case the FBI Field Office of Green Bay. All hacks are different. One, for example, can come up when you go onto a site then it says that the FBI has locked a device or computer and have to pay $500 to unlock it.

Another example is the Trojan Virus, which makes any device blue screen or in simple words, it kills the device from the inside in minutes. This virus leaks information to the outside world while deleting everything so it can’t be tracked.

“Nothing is hack free, but know what sites are OK to use inside of school, preventing anyone from getting into the system, and preventing any student from opening a backdoor into the schools systems,” Schmidt said.

Any virus or hack will not be seen until it is activated, It can be stored in any device for years before showing up. Who knows, the phone camera could be on right now watching every move.

Everything on any device can be tracked and recorded without knowing, and even live-streamed without knowing. Some viruses and hacks make people pay, but there is a way around it by deleting everything on any device. Doing a factory reset will erase everything that is not backed up on either on a sims card or by Google.

That is one way around having to pay a ransom. Another one is pulling power from the device. Then they have to change every password that is put into that device. It has saved it but it has to be changed. If not then contact the owner of the app/site and they will walk the person through the steps of resetting the passwords.

Anyway, being hacked is the worst thing that can happen to everyone’s digital life, for everything will change. Not at first though, it will happen over a few days to a month.

The moral of the story is don’t do anything that can harm any device or all information. It should have security but just in-case, download anti-hack security on any device to protect information.

“If anyone is unsure of what to do, ask someone who knows what to do for help,” Schmidt said.