Mr. Perry in his element as a DPHS science teacher


Alex Bruening, Staff writer

Brian Perry is a science teacher at De Pere High School who has been teaching for 29 years.

He’s taught at four different high schools — Cazenovia Weston (1 year), Luxemburg-Casco HS (4 years), Oshkosh West (1 year) and De Pere (23 years).

Furthermore, Mr. Perry became a science teacher for a few reasons. He said that he has always been interested in nature and outdoor activities and has always had a love for them.

Additionally, Mr. Perry had great teachers in high school (Park Falls) and college (UW-Stevens Point) which inspired him to love the topic.

“It made me want to give others a good experience when in science class,” he said.

Mr. Perry had thought about going into teaching when he started college. He had originally started his major in wildlife biology with teacher as a secondary career. However, he is thankful that he chose his path of teaching. He would not have it any other way because he enjoys his time here.

“I have had many experiences and positive responses from students over the years, and any negatives that come with teaching are far outweighed by the positives,” he said.

When Mr. Perry graduated from high school he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do in life.

“My father had served in the military and that encouraged me to serve my country and gain some world wide experience,” he said.

Another goal of his was to gain a college fund. He was active for 2 years, and then joined the National Guard for 6 years. He was the field artillery surveyor, which meant he told the howitzers where to shoot and hit.

Outside of work, Mr. Perry enjoys many hobbies, one of which is walleye and perch fishing. He says he likes to do this on Lake Winnebago. Another hobby which he does up north is grouse hunting.