Two-lunch system designed to stop split 6th-hour classes

Quinn Dekker, Staff writer

For years now the De Pere High School lunch has been plagued with overcrowding and a scramble among students to find enough chairs so they could sit with all their friends.

Because of this, students were met with both confusion and outrage when the change was made to switch from 3 to 2 lunches at the beginning of this school year, leading many students to ask about the purpose of this seemingly counterproductive change.

According to assistant principal Mrs. Jadin-Rice, the idea to cut third lunch had been passed around for years before she came to DPHS.

“The final decision to make the change was made by all three administrators,” she said.

Despite student backlash, she believes, “All students have a space to sit.”

The most crucial reason for the change was to stop the breaking up of 6th-hour classes with a second lunch. Teachers will no longer have to worry about their lessons being awkwardly split into 2 parts, or making special arrangements so students can take tests in one sitting.

For the cafeteria staff, their workload has stayed largely the same. The same amount of food needs to be prepared, but students now come in bigger groups, resulting in about 50 percent larger lines.

As for the custodial staff, they got an increase in work with the addition of a cafeteria cleaning in between the 2 lunches, according to Mrs. Jadin-Rice.

The biggest complaint among students regarding the change has been that lunch has just too many people.

Sophomore Evan Schneider states, “It’s way too overcrowded”, and junior Evan Britain said, “I just can’t find anywhere to sit.”

Despite students’ criticism, the capacity of the commons is something administration kept in mind when making the change. When asked if she believed if there was enough seating for students, Mrs. Jadin- Rice said: “If every senior stays for lunch, there will still be an additional 50 seats if all students are present.”

As far as the permanence of this change goes, Mrs. Jadin-Rice stated, “If the district size increases, (third lunch) could be brought back,” but this unlikely to happen anytime soon.