“Little Shop”‘s Little Star

Hannah Freund's passion for theater will be on display tonight as school musical opens


Ivy Hamblen, Staff writer

Hannah Freund, grade 11, plays Audrey in DePere’s production of “Little Shop Of Horrors,” but her theater experience extends past this flowery role.

Hannah’s love of acting and started in fifth grade, when she began participating in Young Actors program for Community Theater, her first ever production being the play “Sleeping Beauty and The Beast.”

As she grew up, her passion for theater only grew, her favorite role being her ensemble role in “Jekyll and Hyde” during the summer of 2018. Additionally, she’s a member of De Pere’s very talented Jam Session.

She said “Little Shop Of Horrors” started as a “b-list” black-and-white film from the Sci-Fi period of the 1960’s. From there it was adapted into a stage musical, and eventually a movie musical in the late 80’s.

“The story is about Seymour, and his co-worker Audrey navigating their newfound success,” she said.

Their success came from, “an evil plant that tricks the main character, Seymour, into feeding it human flesh and blood.”

Hannah’s character is best described as naive, very dramatic and ditzy, but, “she has a deeper sense of intelligence.”

While Hannah doesn’t believe she and her character are much alike, she’s grown to love Audrey because of both the amount of time she’s spent learning to be her and her overall enchantment with the musical itself. She has listened to the musical so many times that she’s had it memorized for months.

“That’s where I find my connection with her, having loved this musical for so long,” she said.

Although she loves every second of the musical, she said her absolute favorite scene is when they sing, “Suppertime II/ Somewhere That’s Green Reprise.”

Compared to past productions, Hannah believes one thing really stands out. “Shout out to student director Anna Roth, who really whipped the ensemble into shape.”

While Hannah recognizes all the hard work put in by the cast this year, she said one factor that really changed the dynamic of the Drama Club is the loss of last year’s senior class. “We were really worried. They comprised a lot of the talent.”

Another huge difference between this production and those of years past is the change of directors. With Mr. Pete Dignan retiring, a college senior has been in charge of directing the musical. Hannah called this year’s director, Raquel, “brave” for taking on the challenge and responsibility of leading a group of high schoolers.

“A new approach is what we needed, and Raquel is readily providing that.”

Aside from the change in directors, “Little Shop Of Horrors” is unique, and very unlike other performances done by other high school drama clubs, but Hannah doesn’t think that’ll affect the turnout.

“It’s a very quirky story, but I think it’s one people can just enjoy watching,” she said.  

The musical will be presented on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night at 7 p.m. in the De Pere auditorium.


— Above photo by Alex Bruening