Make the THANKS-giving weekend a little longer

Hannah Sandberg, Staff writer

Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful and appreciating all that we have in life. A family, a house to live in, and having food to eat are all certainly blessings to have.

However, as Thanksgiving approaches, so does Black Friday.  Every year after spending a day being thankful with family, people go off to buy more things that they think they need.  

It’s truly ironic.

If we’re thankful for who and what we have, there shouldn’t be a desire to get more, especially right after the day we sit down to cherish all that we’re blessed with.

During Black Friday people lose all perspective by growing greedy and materialistic. Retail stores become a jungle. People are willing to stomp, trample, and shove others out of their way over something that they have to have. Black Friday is so dangerous, that there’s even a website dedicated to the number of deaths and injuries that it’s caused.

It’s pointless. By next Thanksgiving the must have items from this year will grow old and boring, and people will always have a desire to replace them. It’s an unfortunate paradox that right after the day of giving thanks, people look for more things that they think will make them happy.

Even though Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean that people should stop being thankful for what they have.

This year, consider avoiding participating in Black Friday and instead spend it being thankful with your family. Not only will your bank account be happy, but yourself as well.