Packers’ McCarthy needs a McReplacement: McDaniels


Greg Bintz, Special contributor

Mike McCarthy so far in 2018 is coaching a 3-4-1 Packers team that looks disastrous, inconsistent, undisciplined, not executing, and so on.

This is McCarthy’s 13th year, and last year, the Packers missed the playoffs for the first time in nine years. In the eight years before that, Green Bay made the NFC Championship just three times.

They lost two of the three times (including the most atrocious breakdown in Seattle), and blew an even bigger opportunity in 2011 when the Packers were the No. 1 seed (lost 37-20 at home against the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in the NFC divisional game).

Green Bay can never reach the ultimate goal. Instead, they constantly let off the gas pedal, let systems get aged, and settle.

And although Ted Thompson extended McCarthy’s contract one year (there’s one year left currently), if the Packers don’t make the playoffs again this year, well, there’s zero doubt in my heart that Mike McCarthy’s tenure will end. In all honesty, he’ll probably be gone no later than the end of his contract anyways.

So, with a future in mind, whom should the Packers hire?

I think I’ve got the perfect guy. His name?

Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, let’s take a step back and look closely.

1.. McDaniels’ playoff and Super Bowl experience is something GM Brian Gutekunst would absolutely LOVE. McDaniels has appeared in three Super Bowls just within the last 5 years. Meanwhile, the Packers had Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre combine for three Super Bowls in 25 years. Super Bowl experience is rare in Green Bay these days, and just knowing the fact that McDaniels has coached under Bill Belichick (the greatest football coach I’ve ever seen) is prime.

2.. Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t need to complain about who his QB coach is. McDaniels is not only the offensive coordinator for the Patriots’ flashy offense, but he’s Tom Brady’s coach. In essence, McDaniels brings the triple threat: he can bring a Bill Belichick brand of head coaching while still calling plays (McCarthy is the play caller as head coach, so this would be no different for A-Rod) AND be the QB coach. Not only would McCarthy be gone, but so would the QB coach.

3.. The offense would finally be fresh. McDaniels brings a renewed look to the offense, providing trickery that fools defenses, anywhere from using wide receivers to throw deep passes (Julian Edelman), or even run the ball like a running back (Cordarrelle Patterson) He even uses running backs like they’re wide receivers (James White). Heck, he even has Tom Brady running routes sometimes! The designed crossing routes that New England runs under his offense is absolutely killer, too. It messes up defenses and has linebackers always on their feet. Besides, teaming up with Joe Philbin would make an unbelievable offense. For those who don’t like Joe Philbin, just remember that the last season Philbin served as offensive coordinator, Aaron Rodgers won MVP and had an NFL record 122.5 passer rating, and the Packers went 15-1. The year before that, Green Bay won the Super Bowl. There you go.

I can’t think of any other guy off of the top of my head that could make this great of a fit as McDaniels. No one else can match the experience or potential he can have as head coach. Besides, we’ve seen what a young coach and young GM can do: the Bucks are 9-2 so far with a fresh, new look at GM and head coach (GM Jon Horst is 35, head coach Mike Budenholzer is 49), and the Brewers needed only three seasons to complete a rebuild that saw them make Game 7 of the NLCS (GM David Stearns is 33 and manager Craig Counsell is 48).

Josh McDaniels would bring a fantastic new look to a team that is not only desperate to make the playoffs (and win a division that’s caught up to them), but win Super Bowls while Aaron Rodgers is still quarterback.