Internet attacks in De Pere school district slow down

Brianna Hone, Staff writer

Internet problems that plagued the high school much of last week were likely caused by multiple countries trying to get past the district firewall, according to Eric Piepenburg, the Director of Technology.

The attacks started November 4th and are still going on today but have slowed down by the measures put in place by the technology department. The Internet was down for about six hours on Monday, Nov. 5, and then for small periods at other times during the week.

Piepenburg said that the cause was, “… a malicious attack directed at the school districts firewall, the flood of incoming traffic directed at caused us to lose internet access intermittently.”

There are very small windows of time that the technology department is able to monitor the problem as it tries to find the root of the issue. Piepenburg said these type of attacks happen to people every day and are fairly common.

In an email sent to staff on Nov. 9 Piepenburg said many of these attacks are just meant as an annoyance and do not mean any harm other than to stop internet traffic.

Piepenburg said he did not think that the hacks were related to the national election on Nov. 6.