Going to a movie? Have some respect for others

Going to a movie? Have some respect for others

Brianna Hone, Staff writer

The holiday season is approaching and along with that comes movies for the family to go see and enjoy.

The downside is the noise and distractions, including little kids wandering around and screaming, with random noises coming from around the theater.

Then there are the moms who take their kids to see a movie but have a phone screen that is so bright that by the end of the movie everyone knows that she just can’t wait to get home to her dogs.

I was at the new Grinch movie on Saturday, and everything I have described thus far happened to me at the movie. I was all comfy in the recliner chairs when everything broke loose.

The mother sitting next to me with her son was on her phone the entire time. On her phone, I saw some very … inappropriate things on her Instagram.

A couple rows down was a person making some sort of loud noise that went over the audio of the movie. All around me were little kids getting out of their seats and walking around. I was surrounded by distractions in a movie I barely got to watch.

These are the reasons that before the movie people are told to silence or shut off their phones and shut up in general.

People like me pay a lot of money to watch a movie, yet some do not understand the proper etiquette while at a movie theater.

The first major issue: please do not use a phone during a movie. It is distracting and can make people very, very mad very quickly The bright light from the phone screams “I AM ON MY PHONE LOOK AT ME!”

Secondly, don’t talk. If the need to talk is so great then whisper.

I do not want to hear about how the movie is giving you flashbacks to your family vacation to Disneyland when you were 6.

Lastly, I know people need hydration but please just stop drinking once it starts making that slurping noise. It’s so gross.

Going to the movie theater is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family, but some behaviors can make it absolutely horrible.