“Art in Society” draws a spot in next year’s class catalog


Ivy Hamblen, Staff writer

Several new courses are being proposed for the 2019-2020 school year, among them an art history class titled, “Art in Society.” The course proposal was passed on Nov. 19 during a school board meeting.

De Pere’s art classes have typically focused on the hands-on, production based portion of art. This new class, proposed by Mrs. Beyers and Ms. Koehler, intends to focus on the uses and impacts of art in daily life.

“This class will be be part art appreciation, part art history, but also adding in how art helps us in everyday life,” said Mrs. Beyers.

Beyers mentioned how art is frequently used as a way of journaling, and many people use art to remember dates or important events.

According to Beyers, the only hands-on art done in this class will be ungraded doodles, during warm up time, “It focuses on the more academic side of art.”

In this class, students will learn how to properly view, talk about, and write about art. Additionally, they’ll learn techniques to analyze and criticize art. They’ll demonstrate their critiquing skills through analysis essays and discussions.

Some artists and art styles that will be discussed include Jackson Pollock and his iconic style action painting. Pollock’s work will discussed in Art in Society rather than other art-based classes because it has no technique, unlike most styles of art. Other than focusing on the production aspects of Pollock’s art, students will analyze his societal impact as well as the significance of other artists.

This class is intended for any students who may be interested in art, but “aren’t confident in making art,” according to Beyers.