The cellphone train is unstoppable

Stay off the tracks!

Alex Bruening and Jerry Eicher

The students of De Pere High School only care about one thing — their cellular devices.

The increase in the number of people who have phones around the school is due to the fact that phones are getting cheaper than ever.

Another issue that is leading to the increase of phones is the easy access to wifi. Based on personal observations, students are misusing their work time , causing them to not focus on their studies, and to get poorer grades.

De Pere High School should be stricter about students having phones during class. However, even if they do something about it, students will still try to use their phones during class.

Whenever a new year starts, students are not paying attention to what the teachers say. This is causing more and more students to have lower GPAs and causing it to be harder for them to get into college.

This then leads into the lives of students after school. The people in the current workforce won’t have as many successors to take over for them when they retire. Dumber kids will make it harder to fill higher education jobs in the future.

Parents of students should enforce a rule at home where they can’t be on their phones when doing schoolwork or housework, so they learn that they can’t use them whenever.

Furthermore, because of the leniency of parents at home, students won’t learn how to have restraint at work or even just at school. This causes them to either get fired or get a lower pay because of what they are doing.

Most adults don’t realize that students are changing.  Students aren’t like they used to be because they have phones nowadays, unlike 15-20 years ago. Of course, they did have phones, but they weren’t smart phones. They might have had a flip phone or a landline phone at home.

However, you can’t play games, watch videos, email, connect to the internet, and use SOCIAL MEDIA on those phones unlike nowadays. All you could do back then is play Brick Break on your flip phone.  

The more advanced the phone gets, the more people don’t want to get off them. It’s an addiction that affects everyone equally, in the fact that all people use them.

Overall the number of kids who use their phones in class is rising fast. In the near future, that number will be nearly 100 percent.

To top it off the world is going to be consumed by their phones and this will lead to everything crashing DOWN. (Better wear a helmet.)