I’m tired of the rude behavior

I'm tired of the rude behavior

Abby Lamine, Staff writer

Flex time Nov 28, 2018. The class is silent except for the teacher and a student discussing a book in the front of the room. From what I can hear the book is about something very traumatic.

The first student completes her book and  talks with the teacher. The second student has been called up and is prepared to begin but a sudden outburst of “excitement” rattles the room.

A boy finds something on his phone extremely funny. He proceeds to stomp around the room, holding his stomach and laughing like a mad man.

Personally, I’m surprised the student didn’t start physically rolling on the floor. The eruption was rude towards the student who was waiting to have a turn to speak to the teacher and it was disrespectful towards the teacher trying to hear the student.

In today’s society many people, including myself, feel that cell phones are to blame. They disconnect us from the world; as a result, people become more and more egocentric and narcissistic. This sudden outburst was an invasion of common courtesy to others in the room.

The student should have been embarrassed.  As a result to try and “fix” this issue I think the student should have been disciplined or put in his place for acting the way he was.

The teacher had sat back in his chair and waited several excruciating minutes until the student somewhat quieted down. But by that time several other students had seen the video and were acting out just as the boy had.

The student should have been told to quiet down as soon as he got up from his chair as the humor of whatever was on his phone became too much. If that was not successful, he and the other students could have been sent out of the room.

As a result of stricter discipline other students would be able to concentrate on their learning. As well as the boy who was creating the commotion.