Winter Break needs to be one week longer

Julia Broadrick, Staff writer

Winter break is the time of year most kids look forward to. Why? No school.

De Pere school district’s winter break this year is seven school days long not including weekends (Dec. 22-Jan 1). This simply is not enough time.

Between travel and holidays, one week is not long enough for students to get the most out of their break; instead, it should be 15-18 days. This would be half the month.

The extra days would help students’ and parents’ stress levels over the holidays. In my family we go out of town every year. It usually take two or three days to get to my Grandmothers’ house. As a result of all the travel, we do not get to spend as much time with these relatives as I would like to.

With more time, parents will be able to relax before going out of town and drive more safely.  If there was more time for travel, the roads would be safer for everyone because of the drivers’ lower anxiety.

Another reason there should be extra days is the mental health of the students. School consumes much of students’ time and energy, and we only get breaks on the weekend if we don’t have homework. Stress levels in high school students are growing, and it is very unhealthy. If students were given a few more days to relax and recharge before the new year and exams, maybe they would be more successful while studying.

In order to make up the days, school would have to start one week earlier. This would not be a problem because summer break is almost over anyways, and even though we don’t want to admit it most students’ are ready to come back to school in late August.

Without a doubt, winter break should be at least 15 days for the parents’ and the students’ sake. When you get up on January 2nd you will agree with me.