Arkansas school was wrong to take down controversial story

Brianna Hone, Staff writer

In an Arkansas high school, an article was recently run about five students transferring to a different school to have an opportunity for a scholarship and Division 1 college.

The article has been since taken down due to an uproar with school district officials. The school has shut down the paper, making them unable to publish anything, and threatened to terminate the teacher if they continued publishing.

I believe the district’s response to the article is absolutely bonkers. The purpose of a school paper is to inform students about what is going on at their school, and this kind of reaction is unacceptable.

Threatening to fire a teacher and shutting down a media source is childish and unprofessional.

Before the story was published, the principal of Har-ber knew that the potentially controversial story was coming. The adviser of the newspaper staff, Karla Sprague, was asked to show a copy of the story the the principal. She refused.

After the story was published, it was taken down, and the staff went to work on trying to get it published.

I think student journalism is very important. It gets students motivated to write and create coherent pieces of writing and overall it helps build confidence in writing.