What our staff will remember about 2018


Julia Broadrick: A significant part of this year was moving back to Wisconsin. I meet a bunch of new people and learned a few things along the way. I learned that Wisconsin is not cold in fall, but snow will rain down in spring. I learned that writing is hard and that I am not very good at it. Other than a few things this year has been relatively routine.  This year I joined two new swim teams. I swam a lot this year and had fun. I did not do that much but I have high hopes for next year. This year has been 4 out of 5 stars.

Alex Bruening: I will remember the multiple days where the internet was down, and they said it was hackers that messed up the internet. Besides that, I will remember all our staff bonding that has happened all throughout the semester. Also I will remember some of the interesting papers we have written throughout our time together. Another thing I will remember is all my staff members and what they did to impact my last year here at DPHS. Lastly I will remember all the fun and interesting things that have happened throughout the semester.

Jerry Eicher: I will remember all the problems this school had this year.. First, the Chromebook issue where half of them didn’t work. Then, there was the blackout we had this past Monday. I will remember all the friends I had and how they were there for me when I lost a family member. Then there are the teachers, who have been understanding about my language problem and try to help out the best they can. That to me means they really want me to succeed in life. I want to remember the friends and family who have been supportive of me, and how they treated me when they learned about my impairment. It has been a great year. Some of it I will miss, and others I won’t.

Brianna Hone:  2018 was a very eventful and wacky year. I will definitely remember going out to Utah, seeing my family, and blowing $400 in one summer. I will sadly remember graduating middle school and leaving some of my favorite teachers behind. I am going to remember going up north with my girls and eating a sack full of candy in one night. I will look back on my worm-on-string obsession and wonder what I was doing. I hope I will remember my first Twenty One Pilots concert as one of the best nights of my life. I will remember the day I learned I was going to a Panic! At The Disco concert in 2019 and how ecstatic I was. I will remember going to my cousin’s baseball games and cheering him on. I will obviously remember getting pushed in the pool and hitting my cousin in the head with my head. 2018 was a wild year for memes, friends, and family. I give this year a smooth 7.5/10 chapsticks.

Violet Smale: Looking back on 2018, I will remember how I’ve grown and learned so much about myself and everyone around me through travel, music, friendships, loss, and new experiences. My 2018 can’t really be summarized by terms as broad as “good” or “bad”. There were some really rough parts: losing my dog, lots of rejection, watching bad things happen to good people, too many goodbyes, and a fair share of hurt feelings. But there were also some really, really great parts: getting into Jam Session, travelling to Europe, getting a puppy, and getting my license. I had a lot of growing up to do.

Sydney Zimmerman: Not many interesting things happened besides watching Netflix in my bed, but the best part was my vacation in Florida. I went to Orlando, Florida, over spring break with my family. When we got there, we went straight to the beach, and the warm weather was the best. Wisconsin has the worst and most unpredictable weather and it makes me want to leave every day. On the days we weren’t at the beach, we stayed in the pool all day and the hot tub all night. We also went shopping and got many souvenirs to remember how great Florida was.   

Hannah Sandberg: I’ll remember not remembering anything at all. Quite honestly, this year was such a blur that I question if it even happened at all. Besides getting older, everything has been the same. I’ve gone to school, just as I have been doing for the last 12 or 13 years. Yes, there’s some variety from day to day, but other than that life, has been the same old same old. I wake up, eat, learn, sleep, and repeat. I’ve been living this lifestyle for a while now, and perhaps it feels boring because I know that college is around the corner. Overall, 2018 was not a bad year, but it wasn’t really all that significant either. I’d give 2018 a 5/10, because I wish it didn’t feel so short.  

Abby Lamine: I’m glad 2018 is coming to an end because that means I am that much closer to graduating and getting out of here.

Quinn Dekker: When I look back on specific years, my mind jumps to what internet trends and memes took off during that year. 2018 started off strong with children snacking on Tide Pods and Logan Paul’s now infamous finding of a dead body in a suicide forest. Some of the most prevalent memes throughout 2018 consisted of well-timed ironic Fortnite dances, Walmart yodeling sensation Mason Ramsey and talk of the highly requested Despacito 2. As always, pop culture had a major impact on this year’s memes. Avengers Infinity War in particular spawned several memes, including the effect of turning people into dust, “Let me guess your home” and THANOS CAR. All of these examples may just seem like confusing jargon to people who don’t spend the majority of their lives online, but to me they are what will make 2018 memorable for years to come.

Ivy Hamblen: 2018 was an odd year, and I will probably remember some of my classes best. For example, Staff Bonding Day when we played a Bob Ross board game to boost spirits in journalism. Or, writing punny podcast with Quinn, and decorating our door with Violet. Not to mention fun class discussions in AP Lit. One notable event beyond school was my cousin got married in Chicago in September, just weeks after my brother left for college.  Another one of the best things from 2018 was whitewater rafting this summer, surrounded by some of my closest friends.

Mr. Guyette: It will be hard to forget having my oldest child leave the house and go away to college back in August. For those of you who are the oldest children in your family, when that time comes, please take a moment to consider how emotional of a time this is for your parents. When I left for college back in 1988, I was focused solely on myself and how I was going to adjust. Me, me, me, me. Thirty years later, I apologized to my parents for being so self-centered as an 18-year-old. Many of you have parents who have devoted huge chunks of their lives to raising you, and seeing you go off on your own is a milestone event for them.