Holiday assembly moved to middle of the day

Ivy Hamblen, Staff writer

As many students know, the annual holiday assembly has been shifted from the normal time slot during seventh and eighth hour on Friday, to 10:20-11:15. Instead of cutting out the last hour of day, the assembly will be during the newly implemented Flex time.

According to Mrs. Wollin, a student council advisor, the assembly was moved up because “a couple hundred students were called out for the end of the day,” and it was simply mayhem in the attendance office.

Additionally, 10 percent of students miss the Friday before break either due to illness or vacation, without the added weight of those who decide to skip. Mrs. Wollin doesn’t believe scheduling the assembly earlier will increase the number of absences for the entire day, but “it is always possible.”

She also believes the assembly should still run in the time allotted without carrying over more than 10 minutes into fifth hour.

“Not only is this assembly a favorite event of the student council, it is also a great opportunity for school spirit,” said Mrs. Wollin.

She also said this year’s holiday assembly will look similar to those in past years. The assembly will still include “Dear Santa” letters, the decorated door contest, and kiss the calf.

“There are a couple surprises, but I’m not going to say anymore than that,” said Mrs. Wollin.

The student council’s goal is to not only have the students and staff enjoy themselves, but to raise spirits, she said.

Lastly, Mrs. Wollin mentioned a variety of events student council will also be holding in the new year, including games to be held at lunch time during finals to “keep morale up,” and the Snowball Dance on Feb 9.