President’s stubbornness hurting the American people

Emma Hirschy, Former editor-in-chief

Since day one, President Trump made a campaign promise to build a wall across the nearly 2,000 miles long border between the United States and Mexico. The stipulation throughout his campaign, however, has been that Mexico would pay for such a wall. Yet, nearly three years later, the President has switched routes and now demands that the taxpayers of America fork over $5.7 billion in funding for the symbolic wall that Trump so desperately wants.

Following the 2018 midterm elections, the overall political affiliation domination in the House of Representatives flipped from Republican to Democratic control. Since the House of Representatives is inherently responsible for creating and approving the annual federal budget, there is a divergence of disagreements between the legislature and executive branches.

President Trump refuses to uphold the budget already approved and passed within the House, because the budget merely leaves out funding for a border wall. In fact, Trump has committed to vetoing every proposal on the budget unless the border wall is directly dedicated a portion of money in the 2019 budget.

As described by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), Trump is much acting as a Missouri mule who has sat down in the mud and says that he will not budge. The Democrat majority in the House refuses to give into Trump’s sadistic demands, hence why he made the unruly decision to shut the government down.

We have now created history with the longest shutdown in the United States, which surpassed the 21-day shutdown from 1995. Regardless of whether the government decides to fund the unnecessary border wall, the fact is that a wall will not prevent the vast majority of the issues Trump has used to say the wall is needed.

The number one concern Trump has referenced is the illegal smuggling of drugs into the United States by Mexican drug cartels. Although, studies have shown that the increasing amounts of illegally smuggled drugs into the United States do not come from the crossing of the Mexican-American border.

The United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency recently revealed in a 2017 report that the country’s drug supply is primarily found entering the country through legal entry points. These types of drugs that are smuggled into the United States are seen being hidden in secret compartments in vehicles and other forms.  Even less so, trafficking of drugs is very unlikely to be seen by individual smugglers who scout through the remote and dangerous terrain along the border. Even during the El Chapo trial, members of his cartels admitted that they smuggled their drugs through legal ports of entry rather than jumping the border. That’s point number one of the President’s, debunked.

A larger reality of the ineffectiveness of the border wall is the simple fact that most illegal immigration does not occur through jumping the border through Tijuana, a location that recent news sources have captured images of thousands of immigrants entering in hopes of finding refuge. Nor do most illegal immigrants enter near the border town of McAllen, Texas, which is where President Trump visited Jan. 10 to further argue the need for his massive wall.

The reality that just will not come face-to-face with the President is that most illegal immigration occurs through overstayed visas, a legal form of entry into the country. To further elaborate, roughly 700,000 tourists who visited the United States made the decision to overstay their visas in 2017 according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Also, during that time, the Customs and Border Protection agency reported that there was a total of approximately 300,000 apprehensions that occurred at the Southern border (lowest number since 1971). Therefore, the second argument of the President’s has been debunked.

The government shutdown may remain in effect for months or for years, as the President has threatened. Any correspondence between the President and Democrats has resulted in just further polarization. The recent meeting between the President and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer reflected the unwillingness for compromise by the President, who walked out.

President Trump has only accomplished one thing through the government shutdown — making thousands of American suffer. Who knows how long we can expect for the government to shut down. It comes to the point that Congress must convene and choose to override the President’s veto, as it is their duty to their constituents.