Raised voices: Voting age should be 16 so more teens can have input


Julia Broadrick, Staff writer

As a fourteen year old I can’t change anything about our world, and I have no voice.

I will not be able to vote for another four years; that is simply too long.

I propose that the voting age should moved down to sixteen. The current age of 18, which used to be 21 until 1971, just is not working anymore. The age was changed to 18 because “If you’re old enough to fight, you’re old enough to vote.” That logic is irrelevant now.

Sixteen-year-olds have many reasons for being granted the right to vote.

One of the reasons is education. Sixteen-year-olds have had 11 or 12 years of education, depending on when they were born. After having at least 11 years of education, we should be able to research and decide who is the best person to vote for in our community. We might still be influenced by others’ opinions, but we should be smart enough.

Another reason sixteen-year-olds should be able to vote is the ability to drive. If the government will allow sixteen-year-olds to have the responsibility to drive, they should be able to vote. When teenagers pay for gas or buy coffee, they pay taxes, so they should be able to vote for lawmakers who decide those taxes.

In countries such as Australia, Austria and Brazil the voting age is 16. Others allow citizens aged 16-17 to vote if employed.

I believe the voting age needs be lowered because of all the change going on in the world. Young people have no way to show what we want. After the Parkland shooting, all the teenagers rallied to show what they wanted, but many had no way to vote and could not do much other than protest.

I want to be able to vote on the gun control laws and how guns are distributed. I want to vote on the legalization of marijuana. I want to be able to vote for people who are going to affect my life and my future.  

The voting age should be reduced to sixteen for many reasons but mostly for the nation to hear opinions they have never bothered to listen to before.