Exam grades don’t tell the whole story

Sean Colwell, Contributing writer

The video “I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate” is something that I, as well as many if not all students, have always thought to believe.

We believe that we need to meet these academic “standards” and get that “A” grade. Every student on every exam in their high school and college years will repeatedly stress over and over for a test that doesn’t show their true intelligence, a test that SUPPOSEDLY will make or break their careers and dreams just because they got a few questions wrong.

We as students in U.S. schools will continue to stress over these tests for decades because we NEED that grade to get that diploma to get accepted into that college or finally be offered that scholarship because that’s what we’re taught as little kids and persuaded to believe as we grow up as individuals and students.

To do what? Continue to stress even more over nothing but what? But more finals and more grades? Why do that when school exams don’t even show you your TRUE intelligence? These statewide tests that every student needs to take and get a good grade on is known and believed to show and persuade people of their “intelligence” when these tests show nothing but how well you can remember something or how many times you can read over the same lesson and the same note sheet no matter how dreadful it is.

When in all reality, so many students don’t learn like that. We believe that these tests mean absolutely everything and that when you do bad you feel like you aren’t smart enough for anything, all because we believe so strongly as students that these tests show everything to us for the life that we are headed for.

Teachers and employers say it themselves — 85 percent of the jobs made up for 2030 haven’t even been made yet.

Yet we stress and cram every little lesson into our minds that we are “taught” in class just because we are told to or we won’t be much in life. You know who heard that?

Some of the most successful people in the U.S. Steve Jobs? Dropout. Mark Zuckerberg? Dropout. Bill Gates? Dropout. Some of the most successful and wealthy Americans to ever take a step on United States soil were all dropouts in either high school or college.

So if you still believe as if these exams are everything, just take a look at your phone or your xbox or your computer because these advanced pieces of technology were all made by or initially thought up by a dropout of some sort.

These tests don’t show your intelligence. What you show and decide to do with your life shows your intelligence. That’s what these historic humans have done and we, with the right motivation and mindset, can do the same.

So stop stressing as much as you do over finals when you know you have more potential than a test grade.