DPHS reacts to the government shutdown


USA Government Shutdown. Concept of No Budget Bill

Abby Lamine, Staff writer

The government shutdown is almost a month old, and the Crimson Aviator interviewed a pair of social studies teachers, Mr. Oslund and Mr. Boyd, and sent out a survey to students.

Crimson Aviator: Is there a solution?

Mr. Oslund: Absolutely.

What is the solution?

Compromise. Without it, there is no moving forward. If he (President Trump) sticks to his guns and the Democrats sticks to their guns, there’s no moving forward. They have to compromise in some way, shape or form.

What are the effects on the economy?

Not good. We’re seeing pretty widespread things as far as people not getting paid. Which is overall bad because when people don’t get paid, they don’t buy things. When they don’t buy things, the economy slumps. You also have a lot of the people who are making things for the military that are currently not making things. You have all kinds of businesses that are not able to do what they normally do or are unable to move forward. … Right now the economy is taking a beating, and we probably won’t see the full effects of it for a while because the economy takes a while to catch up. By the time we see the effects of it, it’ll be way later, but it’s not going to be good.

Is there anything positive that could come from the shut down?

It’s my opinion, but I truthfully don’t see the wall as anything positive, and I feel like that’s the big end game to this. I don’t think a wall is advantageous for our country, or anything for that matter.

Do you talk to your classes about this?

We have talked about this on a pretty regular basis, especially in my World Issues course.

Do you try to keep your personal opinions from discussions in class?

I try to. Most of the time, I will give the neutral perspective. If kids ask me, I’ll tell them. But on the other hand, a lot of times I can see both sides because I’m not exactly a normal person when it comes to being political. I’m a former military person that used to be hardcore Republican and now I’m in a setting where 80 percent of my colleagues are hardcore Democrats. Sometimes, I can see both sides. This one is really tough to see both sides, though. But I try to keep it pretty neutral in my classes

Are kids interested in this topic?

I don’t know. I think it’s hard in some ways to interest kids in any current issue that is not directly in front of their face. For whatever reason, I think some kids just don’t care about what’s going on in the country because they feel like it doesn’t affect them because mom and dad have always taken care of them, they’ve always got money, I’ve always got this or that. Why do I care about the government shutdown? I’m sure there are some kids here whose parents work for the government, and they are feeling this “crunch” right now. They probably aren’t talking about it at school, but somebody is feeling it. I feel in some cases kids really want to know.

Interview with Mr. Boyd:

Crimson Aviator: Is there a solution?

Mr. Boyd: There is a solution. If the Republicans and Democrats compromise and the Democrats agree to, I assume, give some of the border wall money that President Trump wants. But only Congress, the House, can appropriate the money. So the President has to find a way to work with them. The Democrats didn’t ask for this. The President said this is what I want. Compromise is the only way out.

What are the effects on the economy?

We just saw yesterday that the GDP (gross domestic product) for a quarter, projected this quarter which is three months, was supposed to grow at 2.5 percent. Now they are saying it’s only growing 2 percent. It’ll hit our economy at .5 percent,  which is trillions of dollars. Plus eight hundred thousand people aren’t working, so we figure there will be a big effect on our economy, goods and services, salaries, things like that. A very big impact, very big hit to the economy.

Is there anything positive that could come from the shutdown?

No. You know we’ve had 20 of them, and in most cases nothing positive came out of it. Just more fighting amongst the parties.

Do you keep your personal opinions from discussions?

Yes. I try to just give the economic pictures and numbers. So, I’ll  talk about the GDP, unemployment, anything that pertains to the book.

If a student were to ask for your personal opinion, would you tell them?

No. That’s even like at the start of the year with the political spectrum test. I keep that aside. Everyone likes to guess. They can try.

Are your students interested in this topic?

I think they are because it might have an impact on them. But in surveying all my classes only one student had a parent that worked for the federal government and is affected by the shutdown.

173 responses

1.. Who is most to blame for the government shutdown?

President Trump: 81 (48.5 percent)

Both: 36 (21.6 percent)

Democrats in Congress: 32 (19.2 percent)

Other: 18 (10.8 percent)

2.. How long will it last?

2-3 months: 62 (36.9 percent)

1 month: 55 (32.7 percent)

3-12 months: 27 (16.1 percent)

More than a year: 24 (14.3 percent)

A few responses from our poll:

** ”It is an immature decision to shut down the government because the president isn’t getting what he wants.

** “Right now, I think that this needs to stop being a Democrat vs. Republican issue and start being about the actual problem. People’s lives are being seriously affected by this.”

** “It is their job to make compromises in order to set a budget and keep the government open, and all of them are currently failing at that.”

** “My dad works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and has been without work and pay since the shutdown. It has affected our family personally in many ways.”

** “Trump is struggling to keep his campaign promises and is beginning to panic.”

**Donald Trump is worth 3.1 billion, why can’t he just pay for the wall?

** “Trump is holding America and especially federal employees hostage for a wall because of national security. Democrats support national security since they paid 1.3 billion dollars for it. But Trump lies and says that they don’t support national security.”

** ”Donald Trump repeatedly makes false claims and just simply refuses to look at the facts and statistics.”

** “Both sides should give in a little bit and reach a compromise. Our country is at odds right now. This is dangerous.”

** “If the liberals would just stop fighting the wall, everything would go faster.”