Pac Man Fever: Library hosts Retro Gaming Extravaganza

Ivy Hamblen and Violet Smale

On Saturday Jan. 19, the Pine Street Brown County Library hosted a Retro Gaming Extravaganza. The event was organized by library staff who partnered with local organizations and game stores, and was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

While last year was its first in existence, they had a turnout of around 300 people. This year, the turnout was an estimated 400 people.

The event included a life sized Pac Man course, arcade games, vintage gaming memorabilia on display, crafts, and a variety of console games in the library’s basement.

All games and memorabilia were donated by Greg, the owner of Silver Coin Arcade.

The oldest game they provided was Mario Bros (1983) for the 1977 console Atari, and they also provided several other Mario Bros games, spanning other consoles, which they called “the evolution of Mario.”

On the main floor of the library, organizers streamed the Gamer Historian Channel on YouTube, which provided information on early gaming giants like Mattel. In the basement, they streamed a YouTube playlist of early video game commercials.

One woman who attended, Becky L, said, “It is a very valuable experience. It shows kids how far video games have come.”