Finals week should be more spread out

Julia Broadrick, Staff writer

Stress levels are high and people are cramming; must be Finals Week.

De Pere finals should not be all in one week.

Student stress levels are very high this week, and having every final in the same week is not helping. Students are so stressed that the Dog Club has to bring in therapy dogs. That should not be necessary. Students should not need to have therapy dogs to calm them down.

A second reason we should not have finals all in one week is study time. In order to have full concentration, students should not need to worry about more than one topic at a time. Trying to review all of the math from the year while also looking at your English presentation is too much to do in such a short time.

As a solution, I propose we have three finals per week. This would only take one extra week, and there would be more time for students to review. This would mean one final per day. The scheduling would be the same as a two-hour late start, but we just take a final in the morning instead of staying home. Finals would still be in the same order from first hour to eighth hour.

Finals should be more spread out in De Pere for many reasons, but mainly for the health of the students.